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Top trends from Mobile World Congress

Jane Baker, commercial director at 2Heads, shares key trends from Mobile World Congress 2016.

More than 100,000 attendees arrived in Barcelona this week to join the world’s biggest and most influential mobile event, Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2016. After a busy few days supporting exhibiting clients, there’s been time to explore the show and take in the trends that may impact the events industry in the future.

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Beaming – the next frontier

Duane Holland, founder and creative strategy director at DH Ready, discusses what ‘beaming’ actually is and why event profs need to know about it.

Picture this scene. A man in a tight yellow top talking into his wristwatch to another man with extremely pointed ears, a half frown and an equally tight top, this time in blue. You then hear the infamous words “Beam me up Scotty”. I’m sure we all know this to be from cult TV series Star Trek.

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CES 2016 – the innovations that will enhance experiential brand activity

Alex Groom, comms specialist at Havas SE Cake reports on the innovations at CES 2016 that are likely to have a positive impact on experiential activity.

By now the bright lights of Las Vegas will just about have stopped flickering from all of the electricity sapped by this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and attendees will be back at their desks, excited minds buzzing with the potential of everything from drones to wireless charging.

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2016 – the year the event and tech worlds collide

2016 is set to be the year when the events world fully embraces everything that technology has to offer, says Richard Dodgson, founder & creative director at Timebased Events.

Brands can see the link between the use of technology and engagement with the consumer – from the use of mobile apps and everyday tech we know and love, to multi-sensory experiences and virtual reality. The idea is to improve efficiency, enhance the experience for the guest and engage them, not just to meet their needs but to surpass their expectations like never before.

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