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Face Control

It’s a shame that clever marketing people came up with the term social media to describe the explosion of digital tools that allow people to share ideas and build communities. Shame for those of us who work in events that is, because social media would be a pretty good way of describing our industry and the impact of effective events.

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Eye Tweet Phenomenon

For those who are are on twitter and follow me on @mango_pie witnessed a phenomenon on Sunday evening.

Even I found myself walking away from my laptop saying, ‘did that just really happen.’

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Twitter killed the Network Club

Since I became a blogger via Twittering it seemed fitting to dedicate my first blog to it.

After attending a recent ‘members only’ Conference & Event Managers Networking Club, it got me thinking as to whether such clubs were becoming obsolete.

A year ago I was happy to pay just under £2k to be part of a select group of 1000 London based Event Managers. Today you don’t pay a penny to bepart of Twitter and throws you into a pool of 5 million+ users. Granted it can be very hit and miss with such a vast audience but with smart people like Mike Fletcher and Peter Kerwood grasping this new media and making it work for our industry, I will be re-thinking my subscription.

The first ever Twitter Network bash for the event industry will be held at the Sea Life London Aquarium on Tuesday 14 April.

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