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How is creativity complementing digital and tech at MWC16?

Jordan Waid, vice president brand experience at FreemanXP EMEA, gives three examples of how creativity is complementing digital and tech at this year’s Mobile World Congress (22-25 February).

Mobile World Congress is taking place in Barcelona this week (22-25 February)

Invisible Creative

“The future is already here. It’s just unevenly distributed.” This William Gibson quote sums up the Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT is this invisible force that is working hard so we don’t have to, and Intel is helping us to understand this with their “Experience What’s Inside” campaign. The Intel Smart City demonstrated the invisible connectivity of our urban environment giving the visitor the chance to interact with various forms of the urban infrastructure – from a city train to wind turbines. Intel is perfectly poised to not only usher in the IoT, but to distribute it evenly.

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Inside Mobile World Congress

Agency Jack Morton invited Event to shadow its team at Ericsson’s Change-Makers experience – the largest brand space at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress (MWC). Reporter Katie Deighton shares her very first MWC experience.

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