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Creative Events Ideas #2

I hope you’ve enjoyed all the creative tips so far, what with this week being the penULTimate blog i’d like to be bold and ask you to join me on LinkedIn so we can keep in touch:… thanks for reading!

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Creative Events Ideas #3

Fancy some fresh new creative ideas?? Thought
you might……

(3) Total Interaction: Everyone loves to interact; We toy with our iphones all day, we vote for our politicians, we vote for which celebrity should eat a putrefied kangaroo anus on TV…. but how far does this ‘interaction’ really go? Aren’t all these things just the illusion of choice? What would happen if we really let interaction run wild? Bum Bum Train from Brighton showed why this turns out to be an unbelievably good idea, the interactive theatre shenanigans of this troupe (which split from the more famous punchdrunk a few years ago) have been selling out in less than 1 minute for the past three years, a truly amazing result for a truly amazing idea. 300 cast members, 40 rooms, 1 audience member at any one time. In a dreamlike state you wonder from coaching an american football team, to crowd surfing, to riding on a sushi conveyer belt, to robbing a house. All led by YOU, the participant, not the organisors. Think I’m talking nonsense? Fly over to the website to see what I’m so excited about ( This is the future of events.

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Creative Events Ideas #4

Fancy some fresh new creative ideas?? Thought
you might……

(5) Make a Point: So you’ve got a great idea, a game or two to play, and you’re having fun with your restrictions…. but have you ever wondered why you’re doing these things? What is the net result of what your creativity? How are you making people think differently, and what are they thinking differently about? For me, the best events are those which make you think about something which really matters, which affect all our lives. My example for this is the ridiculously innovative Credit Crunch
night hosted in East London recently. This night cost £10 to get in, and this tenner got you ‘credit’ on a fictional
stock market which ran all evening. Brilliant no? Not only could guests play this as a
game, a trend mentioned above, it also determined the price of
drinks at the bar! Crash and boom, peak and trough, this was
interactivity at its most cerebral ( They made a point and they made it well, so take your event to the next level with this technique.

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