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Stop saying millennial

When was the last time you met 75.4 million people who are all the same, asks Hayley Lawrence, director of events at agency Brand and Deliver.

Millennials. They want everything for free and think offices should have slides. Bloody millennials, am I right? Of course not. But for every silly stereotype about the 18-34 generation you can be sure there’s a brand sincerely looking to tap into it. When “because Snapchat” is your rationale for a campaign it might be worth taking a step back.

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Embracing the digital audience

Are organisers missing the value in engaging with audiences outside of live events? Nick Dew, managing director at Really Creative Media, discusses the opportunities to embrace the digital audience.

As the excitement and anticipation of London Fashion Week builds and the countdown begins, myself and the team at Really Creative Media prepare for a chaotic week of filming, live-streaming and instant post-event production. With all eyes of the fashion industry turning towards London, we focus on how live events engage with digital audiences, not just at London Fashion Week but events throughout the year.

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Content: Keeping It Real

Content is the territorial dispute du jour, which every agency is claiming to do brilliantly, says Jonathan Terry, head of JWT Live.


Jonathan Terry

Content is, of course, a useless word. It’s the ultimate non-descriptor. It’s become the C-word of advertising: ubiquitous and provocative.

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Experiential & PR: Friend or Foe?

As the lines are increasingly blurred between experiential and PR, Purity’s Rob Quinn, asks if the two different disciplines are ‘friends’ that can work together or ‘foes’, viewing each other with suspicion and ultimately looking to move into each other’s territory?

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Events and experiential: why they usually mean nothing – part two

Defining experiential and events is the key to success, says Momentum Worldwide’s Fran Elliott.

Fran Elliott, director of Experiential and Events at Momentum Worldwide.

Fran Elliott, director of Experiential and Events at Momentum Worldwide.

The solution…

In my last blog for Event magazine, I had written about the questions that have plagued marketers, brands and experiential practitioners for many years; “What does experiential mean?” “What’s the difference between an event and experiential?” and the reason why both brands and agencies need an industry wide definition. This time, let’s talk about the ‘How’ of this proposal.

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The World Cup ‘Experience’

World Cups are the pinnacle of experiential work in the sporting sector. They produce some of the best sports marketing campaigns, but also some of the worst. With England set to host the Rugby World Cup in September, Purity MD, Rob Quinn, views the line-up.

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Inside Mobile World Congress

Agency Jack Morton invited Event to shadow its team at Ericsson’s Change-Makers experience – the largest brand space at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress (MWC). Reporter Katie Deighton shares her very first MWC experience.

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Searching for the best Super Bowl experience

Will Northover, account director at Blackjack, reveals his pick of the live activity around this year’s gridiron spectacular, NFL Super Bowl XLIX.

Attracting a record 111.5 million TV viewers last year, the Super Bowl, the culmination of the American Football season, is simply the biggest sporting event on the planet. Unsurprisingly, it’s also a marketing phenomenon, with prime time TV slots going for over $4 million.

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3 brand experience trends for 2015

With behaviours to the fore and post-millennials demanding authenticity and relevance, experiential will be central to market strategy this year, says guest blogger Alex Smith, planning director at agency Sense. 


There has been a shift in marketing recently. No longer can we work by identifying the latest hot platforms (Facebook, Twitter, viral videos, etc) and crafting creative to fit them – we’re now in an era where brands need to decide what they’re going to do, what behaviours are appropriate to their message, and then be confident that there will be an appropriate platform for amplifying that action. This has made brand experience central to marketing strategy – a behaviour is an action is a brand experience, and thus so much contemporary marketing has brand experience at its heart.

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How very inviting

First impressions count. They are really, very important. Read more on How very inviting…