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Why experiential events will be a popular choice in 2016

As brands fight it out for a piece of the spotlight the role of experiential is only set to increase, predicts Phil Boas, director of brand engagement at Paragon.

Advertising and branding have become so omnipresent and intrusive in recent years that they have started to turn into background noise and no longer cut through to the consumers they’re intended to reach. Brands are fighting for an increasingly overcrowded spot in an ever more fragmented market place, and that’s just one reason why experiential marketing and events look set to be ever more popular in the next 12 months.

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Building ‘real world’ digital brand experiences

Andrew Stothert from Brand Vista discusses how brands can maximise the positive effect of a ‘real world’ brand experience in a way that’s impossible to match with a purely digital approach.

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The creation of emotional advantages

Jaron Wikler, development director at AddingValue discusses how experiential can be used to create emotional advantages.

“Daddy; please read me a long copy advert before bedtime,”….. asked no child ever. That’s because children want a story; stories that allow them to relate, stories that make sense, clarify their confused world and elicit an emotion. The big bad wolf is scary, Cinderella has a rags-to-riches happy ending and the bears in Goldilocks are greedy.

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