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3 brand experience trends for 2015

With behaviours to the fore and post-millennials demanding authenticity and relevance, experiential will be central to market strategy this year, says guest blogger Alex Smith, planning director at agency Sense. 


There has been a shift in marketing recently. No longer can we work by identifying the latest hot platforms (Facebook, Twitter, viral videos, etc) and crafting creative to fit them – we’re now in an era where brands need to decide what they’re going to do, what behaviours are appropriate to their message, and then be confident that there will be an appropriate platform for amplifying that action. This has made brand experience central to marketing strategy – a behaviour is an action is a brand experience, and thus so much contemporary marketing has brand experience at its heart.

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Too many chefs or too much soup?

Earlier this month our team found themselves at the Institute of Directors in London presenting to a group of judges for the next phase of our Business in The Community Big Tick Win. We entered the Small Company of the Year category and found ourselves awarded a Big Tick award. It’s been a hard slog to get ourselves into this position, building on and cementing a culture that we really started with 14 years ago.  A fourteen year journey into a 20 minute presentation slot just doesn’t fit. The team struggled to choose what to leave out – it’s all good and relevant to the judges. Read more on Too many chefs or too much soup?…

Are you the tortoise or the hare?

It’s nearly Easter and shops and billboards are bombarding us with images of rabbits and chicks, and as we all scuttle around tying up loose ends before the holidays, I’m reminded of the tale of the Tortoise and the Hare. It may be an old tale, but the messages it conveys are no less relevant today.

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They say that if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. That may often be true, but just because something seems to be working, doesn’t mean it couldn’t be improved.

I’ve been thinking about this recently in relation to our relationships with our charity and community partners, and the various projects we support.

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Training Sustainability Champions

Offer your employees fire-safety training and you would be hard pressed to find even one willing participant, but offer them fire-breathing lessons and you would probably have the whole team clamoring to show off their best circus impressions. It’s not anyone’s fault that the latter is more interesting than the former but still, it is our responsibility as employers to make all forms of training as engaging as possible.

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