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Five things to remember when creating an immersive experience for your brand

Imogen Hammond, group creative director at Drive Productions, shares her tips on what you need to consider when creating an immersive brand experience.

Hammond notes five key things to keep in mind when it comes to creating immersive brand experiences

2015 saw a continuation of the trend towards brand marketing linking the virtual and the tangible. With online content reaching saturation point, many businesses are increasingly focusing their marketing on creating real-life experiences and touch points for their customers. If you’re a marketing director or brand manager thinking of creating an immersive event in 2016, here are five things you should remember:

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Embodied brand experiences – the new frontier

Lewis Robbins, senior associate strategist at Jack Morton Worldwide discusses the importance of physical experiences, and how they are deeply bound up with how we think, feel and behave.

Picture the scene… you’re at a party and someone walks up to you, whitened teeth gleaming and extends a hand.

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Building ‘real world’ digital brand experiences

Andrew Stothert from Brand Vista discusses how brands can maximise the positive effect of a ‘real world’ brand experience in a way that’s impossible to match with a purely digital approach.

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Experiential & PR: Friend or Foe?

As the lines are increasingly blurred between experiential and PR, Purity’s Rob Quinn, asks if the two different disciplines are ‘friends’ that can work together or ‘foes’, viewing each other with suspicion and ultimately looking to move into each other’s territory?

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Drones: shifting power from creative director to creative coder?

The demand for drones to be integrated into brand experiences is on the increase. Adam Doherty, managing director and executive producer at immersive experience studio Marshmallow Laser Feast, explains their true potential.


Adam Doherty

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The World Cup ‘Experience’

World Cups are the pinnacle of experiential work in the sporting sector. They produce some of the best sports marketing campaigns, but also some of the worst. With England set to host the Rugby World Cup in September, Purity MD, Rob Quinn, views the line-up.

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Searching for the best Super Bowl experience

Will Northover, account director at Blackjack, reveals his pick of the live activity around this year’s gridiron spectacular, NFL Super Bowl XLIX.

Attracting a record 111.5 million TV viewers last year, the Super Bowl, the culmination of the American Football season, is simply the biggest sporting event on the planet. Unsurprisingly, it’s also a marketing phenomenon, with prime time TV slots going for over $4 million.

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