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Five favourite brand experiences at CES 2016

Lauren Walder, senior account manager at brand experience agency 2Heads, reveals her favourite brand experiences at CES 2016.

It’s been a fast start to 2016 with a trip to CES in Las Vegas, one of the world’s biggest tech shows attracting a huge audience of 170,000 visitors and many of the world’s top consumer brands. After a busy few days supporting exhibiting clients, I had a chance to explore the show – here are some of my favourite finds:

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Blog: Taking brands into the realm of the senses

Creating more sensory experiences can give brands stronger personalities and deepen engagement with consumers, says Ian Priestman, head of experiential at Blackjack Promotions.

“Galleries are overwhelmingly visual. But people are not – the brain understands the world by combining what it receives from all five senses. So can taste, touch, smell and sound change the way we ‘see’ art?”

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Embodied brand experiences – the new frontier

Lewis Robbins, senior associate strategist at Jack Morton Worldwide discusses the importance of physical experiences, and how they are deeply bound up with how we think, feel and behave.

Picture the scene… you’re at a party and someone walks up to you, whitened teeth gleaming and extends a hand.

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How cultural venues are adapting with technology

Gareth McTiffin, marketing and events manager at Merlin Events London, discusses how cultural venues are adapting their events by engaging with technology.

What is a cultural venue?

Generally conceived, a cultural venue is a building with national significance, and it comes in various forms from historical, iconic and heritage sites to galleries and museums. London, often referred to as the cultural hub of the world, boasts a range of unique and diverse venues.

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Content: Keeping It Real

Content is the territorial dispute du jour, which every agency is claiming to do brilliantly, says Jonathan Terry, head of JWT Live.


Jonathan Terry

Content is, of course, a useless word. It’s the ultimate non-descriptor. It’s become the C-word of advertising: ubiquitous and provocative.

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The power of the unexpected

Surprise and delight. These two all-important buzzwords have been at the heart of experiential marketing since its inception. And indeed, surprise remains one of the most effective tools for marketers.

But it’s 2015, and we are living in an increasingly digital world that ensures we are very rarely caught out. Google Maps lets us know directions, road closures and diversions; Cortana reminds us to pick up some flowers for our ‘significant other’ when we’re next near a florist; we can check out potential employees, friends, partners on various social media platforms prior to meeting them; and Trip Advisor ensures we go to only the highest-rated restaurants and hotels.

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Creative Events Ideas #4

Fancy some fresh new creative ideas?? Thought
you might……

(5) Make a Point: So you’ve got a great idea, a game or two to play, and you’re having fun with your restrictions…. but have you ever wondered why you’re doing these things? What is the net result of what your creativity? How are you making people think differently, and what are they thinking differently about? For me, the best events are those which make you think about something which really matters, which affect all our lives. My example for this is the ridiculously innovative Credit Crunch
night hosted in East London recently. This night cost £10 to get in, and this tenner got you ‘credit’ on a fictional
stock market which ran all evening. Brilliant no? Not only could guests play this as a
game, a trend mentioned above, it also determined the price of
drinks at the bar! Crash and boom, peak and trough, this was
interactivity at its most cerebral ( They made a point and they made it well, so take your event to the next level with this technique.

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