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Going for gold

David Walliams swam the English Channel and comedian John Bishop cycled, rowed and ran from Paris to Trafalgar Square for his ‘Week of Hell’ to raise money for Sport Relief.

Event says: Locog’s got it right with TV torch stop

Lord Sebastian Coe has announced one extra stop for the Olympic torch on its 2012 relay route. But before you jump for a
map, it’s not in your neighbourhood, or any of the towns that have grumbled
about being snubbed.

Olympic transport chaos a sure thing

Back in August I wrote about the absurd suggestion by LOCOG’s Mark Evers that 3 million London workers should stay at home during the Olympics – a notion supported by Transport Minister Norman Baker. Well clearly they have listened and realised that asking workers to stay at home for 4 weeks during the Olympics might not be the most appropriate government advice for our fragile economy. The solution they are now proposing is of course even more amazing.

Don’t get the runs on Ryanair!

On 13th October I read a story in Management Today that my favourite airline was planning to remove all but one of the toilets on board their aircraft – no points for guessing who we are talking about!

Event Production: Connecting with your audience

As the newest producer on the P&MM Live team I was invited to a seminar for the new IML connector. Now I’ve played ‘who wants to be a millionaire’ more times than I care to mention since the launch of such event technology so I desperately hoped that this handset would bring something new to the table.

It’s all systems go at WorldSkills

Royal Navy’s HMS Brocklesby docked, all carpets laid, competition areas complete, exhibition stands finished and the largest ever electrical mains pull through – over 800, with more than 4000 sockets – complete and ready to power all of the drills, hairdryers, CNC milling machines, spotlights, and much more for the 900 competitors taking part.

What is the state of the events industry?

We are conducting one of the largest and most critical surveys in years, researching the value and effectiveness of events in the UK and Eurorpe. As a key stakeholder in events we want to know what you think…

Build up underway, material quantities look like telephone numbers.

Today 43,960sqm of skill areas nears completion, they range from just over 350sqm through to over 2500sqm and these will form the areas where the competitions will be held. Within the build is sufficient walling to stretch from the sea to the top of Europe’s highest mountain – “The Elbrus” which stands at around 5600m.

Unreasonable expectations or missed opportunities?

I feel compelled to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard after my recent experience whilst searching for a venue for an upcoming event. The property in question is part of chain of hotels and I would say fairly well known in our industry.

Olympics: Stay at home

Have you seen the news? Don’t go to work during the Olympics.