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How cultural venues are adapting with technology

Gareth McTiffin, marketing and events manager at Merlin Events London, discusses how cultural venues are adapting their events by engaging with technology.

What is a cultural venue?

Generally conceived, a cultural venue is a building with national significance, and it comes in various forms from historical, iconic and heritage sites to galleries and museums. London, often referred to as the cultural hub of the world, boasts a range of unique and diverse venues.

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Find the venue, the experience will come

With increasing numbers of nightclubs, and many venues laying vacant across the country, Shout About London’s Ben Gamble says they can be the perfect blank canvas for an event space.

Ask pretty much anyone within the industry what experiential means and you’ll be greeted with a myriad of obtuse interpretations. Yet, it is the buzz word of the moment that just isn’t relenting. Having vastly evolved from its sample handout days with promotional teams on every street corner, experiential has proven it has a lot more to offer, firmly establishing its place as a key consideration within global brands’ wider marketing strategies.

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