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Embracing the digital audience

Are organisers missing the value in engaging with audiences outside of live events? Nick Dew, managing director at Really Creative Media, discusses the opportunities to embrace the digital audience.

As the excitement and anticipation of London Fashion Week builds and the countdown begins, myself and the team at Really Creative Media prepare for a chaotic week of filming, live-streaming and instant post-event production. With all eyes of the fashion industry turning towards London, we focus on how live events engage with digital audiences, not just at London Fashion Week but events throughout the year.

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We are living in an experience generation

There’s something about being with a brand and physically taking part in an experience that really gets consumers to stop, listen and act, says Alec Braun, MD and creative lead at Slice.

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Why experiential marketing will boost your brand engagement

Phil Boas, director of brand engagement at Paragon, discusses the benefits of a cross-media focus and immersive experiences when it comes to brand engagement.

The convergence of social and digital media has been at the forefront of the marketing arena for many years. Now an integral marketing tool for brands of all shapes and sizes, reports suggest that social media marketing budgets will double by 2018 compared to two years ago.

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Is your brand maximising its social media presence

In the ever-changing world of online marketing, it is no longer a secret that maximising your brand’s potential through social media is a necessity, says Ian Sullivan, managing director of Paperhat Consorcio.

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Blog: Making the most of festival experiences

George Chapman, head of operations and production at Wasserman Experience, talks to Event about how brands can make the most of festival experiences. 

How can brands get their festival strategy right?

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The power of the unexpected

Surprise and delight. These two all-important buzzwords have been at the heart of experiential marketing since its inception. And indeed, surprise remains one of the most effective tools for marketers.

But it’s 2015, and we are living in an increasingly digital world that ensures we are very rarely caught out. Google Maps lets us know directions, road closures and diversions; Cortana reminds us to pick up some flowers for our ‘significant other’ when we’re next near a florist; we can check out potential employees, friends, partners on various social media platforms prior to meeting them; and Trip Advisor ensures we go to only the highest-rated restaurants and hotels.

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