Event Says

How very inviting

First impressions count. They are really, very important.

No more so than for an event, right? I wonder, then, why organisers so often overlook this Absolute Concrete Fact when giving their event its first tentative nudge into your life. I’m talking, quite obviously, about invitations.

Invites have the potential to unlock the fun and creative side in anyone. And yet, most of the time they still insist on arriving all flat and hard in a flimsy shimmery envelope looking wannabe glam and one dimensional, very much like a TOWIE cast member in that respect.

Invites should be more entertaining. They should incite more joy and give the recipient an irresistible, appetite-whetting teaser to your event.

For example, I’ll bet Peter Andre whooped with delight when he received his personalised balloon dog invite to the Paw Pageant at Old Spitalfields last month.

We were equally overjoyed to be sent a nifty whistle/torch/compass/thermometer survival kit-style invite to help us find our way to a secret BAFTA film screening and after party.

What would I love to see next? Living invites. Think the beautiful butterflies that fluttered from invite boxes sent to the hens in movie Bridesmaids. Then go much bigger.

Forget balloon dogs, send me an actual puppy with a personalised collar and lead, which I can look after for a week and then hand in at the door when I get to the event. Or keep should I so wish. That would cement my attendance to any event.

  • Louise Ridley

    Totally agreed Rachel – if you keep the invite you’ll never forget the event (either to attend or afterwards!) I think Seed paper is cute – invites that you can plant http://seedpaper.co.uk/

  • Georgina Brazier

    love this!