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The EDF Energy London Eye

I was interested to see the outrage of tweeters yesterday on the news that the London Eye has been renamed the EDF Energy London Eye as the electricity company has taken over sponsorship of the popular tourist attraction .

Complaints have been about the long winded new name, however, lets be honest, it will still be referred to as the London Eye, as did anyone ever really call it the British Airways London Eye in the first place?

  • Too true, however lets think of some fun names of what it could become in the future, if it ever gets in the wrong hands :

    1. Canesten Combi London Eye
    2. Specsavers London Eye
    3. RNIB London Eye
    4. S.T.D Contractors London Eye.
    5.. The best would be of course….drum roll please…….
    The APPLE i London 🙂

  • Lorraine Francisco

    I like the idea of the Apple i, how about Pink Eye London? Could be relevant when its lit-up pink during Valentines Day!